Best Way to Choose Your Best Fit Doggy Door


Best Way to Choose Your Best Fit Doggy Door

A doggy door provides a new freedom for your lovable pet dog. So in order to choose the perfect door for it, you must need to know some of the important tips.

Doggy Door Selection:

The doggy door selection mainly depends up on the living situation, the size of your pet, and the preference. There are three basic types of dog doors as they are:

  • Traditional Flap Dog Doors:
    This door allows access to your small pets and you don’t need to be worried about the security but this flap size door because it does not allow an intruder in your house.
  • Solid Plastic Dog Doors:
    This door comes with a lock mechanism so that it alleviates many safety concerns.
  • Electronic Dog Door:
    If you are worried about safety and other animals getting in, or your small kid getting out, then this electronic door is the perfect one. Because this door work in conjunction with your dog collar, so it automatically closes or open when your pet attempts to enter.
Tips for Dog Door Installations:

If you are done with the doggy door selection and the next step would be choosing for the material, location and the style of installation.

  • Metal or Plastic Frame:
    Plastic frames are enough for small dogs, but when it comes to large size dogs it tries to break the softer material. So you need to choose a solid and durable aluminum frame for its safety.
  • Sliding Glass Door:
    If you are renting or don’t want to damage the beauty of your door, then this sliding glass is perfect as you can carry this door easily everywhere with you.
Measuring the Size of the Dog Door:

When measuring the size of the doggy door make sure to take the actual measures of the dog.


Two inches above the shoulder height would be more than sufficient, as the dog uses its head to push the door.


The width should be measured by calculating its shoulder or hips size and considering the dog potential after weight gain.


If you are planning the doggy door in its earlier stage than consider the maximum growth of your breed and plan accordingly

Other Important Considerations:

There is a chance your kid might pass through that doggy door and prone to accident, so it is better to have an electronic door which automatically opens and close when a dog enters through it.

Animal Intruders:

There is a chance that some animals may crawl through these dog doors and enter into the house. So make sure in choosing the right doggy door.


Choosing a flap doggy door is easy and it involves less cost, but it will damage soon. So choose a dog door to keep long term costs low and safety for your dog.


If you installed a doggy door to your door than it does not mean that the dog will understand the door plan to go through it. You should train your dog to go through the door in and out.

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