Buying A Dog Door? Consider These Do’s and Don’ts

Buying A Dog Door? Consider These Do’s and Don’ts

As a Dog owner, it is very important to take care of the all the needs of your dog which include food, exercises and grooming. Nowadays, many of the dog owners are showing interest towards the dog door installation as it eases the work of the owner to always get up and open the door for the pet to go out. Pet doors give the freedom for your pet to easily enter and exit your home without disturbing you. However, there are some do’s and don’ts to be considered before buying a dog door. Let us have a look at these

Do the Research

Before buying a dog door, make sure to research about the best dog doors available. Browse through the internet for the feedback and other options to consider before buying the dog doors. There are many consumer publications and bulletin boards to find the best feedback about the dog doors.

Do Know About Dog Door Operation

There are two types of dog doors like the manual dog door and automatic dog door. The manual dog door is the common type of dog door that is affordable and widely used one, It cannot regulate the movement of the cats and other animals into the house. Whereas, the automated dog door is the one which has the automatic door that is activated by the control on the animal’s collar as the collar consists of the computer chip, ultrasound transmitter that sends the signals to unlock the door.

Do Consider the Energy

The basic flap entry models are not suitable for those who want to control their energy expenditures, so in order to save the energy expenditure, it is highly recommended to install the energy efficient flap models that are available with the flaps that are insulated or weather sealed.

Do Take the Measurements of Dog

Before purchasing a dog door, measure your dog size, which includes the height from floor to shoulders and width at the widest point of shoulders or hips. After taking the accurate measurements, make sure to prepare a mock door with these measurements and check whether your dog is able to move through it freely or not. Then go for purchasing a dog door that fits best to your door.

Don’t Assume One Size Fits All

Make sure to take the measurements of your dog and install the best door for your dog for it to enter and exit through the door safely and easily. There are different sized dogs so make sure to install the exact dog door and make sure to install the flap doors, according to the nature of the dogs as some of the small dogs need the soft and light flap to enter and exit.

Don’t Assume that your Dog Knows about the Door

Give the necessary training for your dog to use the dog by following some tricks that may take very less time for the dog to learn. Never assume and leave your dog thinking that he knows how to use the dog door efficiently.
These are some of the do’s and dont’s to consider before buying and installing a dog door. Make sure to follow them and install the perfect dog door for your dog.

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