Let your dog reap the benefits of technology through electronic doggy doors in Melbourne

Let your dog reap the benefits of technology through electronic doggy doors in Melbourne

‘Electricity’ has been one of the most wonderful inventions of the world, which when combined with different forms of technology, results in new and innovative products.

It’s indeed marvellous to see that not just for us, but products are designed and manufactured to increase the comfort of our pets as well. You can get electronic pet doors, these days, which provide fantastic advantages over regular models due to enhanced functionality and flexibility.

These doors come in different types depending on the method by which it opens, i.e., collar magnet, microchip implant, RFID key, etc., and other factors. The combination of features may vary from model to model, but the general summary can be shown as below.

Let’s go through the features different electronic cat doors and dog doors in Melbourne have:

1)Raccoon-Proof: Few of the electronic pet doors come with “Raccoon Mode”, which stops these notorious creatures from entering the house.

2)Lock: Using the locking mechanism, you can activate the “Curfew Mode”, and restrict your pets from going out, in situations, such as –

  • They are ill
  • Its late night
  • Circumstances outside are harmful

3)Safe-close mode: Pet doors with this feature don’t close on the moving pets, thus avoiding the possibility of injury.

4)Multiple pets: These doors are boon for the pet owners who have more than one pet, as you can customize settings for moving in and out, for each pet differently. And hence, you can let one pet go outside while keeping another in the home.

These doors ensure that your pets are safe all the time and provide you with increased control over the movement of your pets. They have a battery and optional battery backup as well. They can be installed in walls, doors, glass windows, and sliding glass doors, thus allowing you to choose as per your convenience.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with this whole bag of benefits and ignore the very basic elements, which need to be considered in selecting the pet door. These elements are current and expected size, age, and breed of the pet. Thus, consulting experienced suppliers and installers of cat doors and dog doors in Melbourne becomes extremely important. We have served many customers in and around the city and have gained their trust over time.

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