How to Choose the Perfect Doggy Door for Your Home?


How to Choose the Perfect Doggy Door for Your Home?

If your yard is fenced, a doggy door can be a convenient source for your pet to go in and out of the house without involving your presence. This can be very useful when you are going out for extended periods during the day. Installing a doggy door sounds good, but before purchasing, there are some important things you need to consider:


Installing a pet door involves handy work and the professionals should do it for a long lasting one. There are multiple types of doors available in doggy door with levels of installation difficulties and below are the few:

Sliding door:

A glass doggy door is inserted into the opening of your sliding glass door and this can be secured using the lock system on the sliding door.

Flap Doors:

The flap doggy door is usually installed in a wall or door which include a plastic flap to obstruct the opening and it also have a locking system over the flap to lock the door when you don’t want your dog to go out.

Automatic Doors:

These automatic doors are similar to flap doors in terms of installation and add more safety than those with the technology advancement. The door can slide up and down and it is opened when a computer chip or transmitter on your dog’s collar activates it. If another animal or person tries to enter without the sensor it blocks the opening of the door.

Energy Loss:

The Energy Efficiency also should be taken into considerationwhile choosing a doggy door that you think is theperfect one for you. Since a pet door is an opening to the outside, so it can let warm or cool air escape and can leads to higher energy bills. Choose a doggy door, which offers an airtight seal to help with blocking the air, or even you can choose dual-flap doors that offer even an extra layer of protection.


Safety is also a main constraint, whichshould be considered in mind while choosing the doggy door to prevent the wild animals or from the potential intruders from gaining access to your home.

A doggy door can provide you with great convenience along with your four-legged friend. However, before you choose the doggy door make sure it is a safe and best fit one.

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